As business goes, there are no assurances of eternal stability. The tides roll over and one must be ready to ride the waves of business trends to touch in with the ever-changing demands

To keep pace with the current dynamics, you have to keep your eyes peeled for the newest methods and tools you can use to your benefit.

Although creating a mobile app sounds like something only big companies can do, it’s not the overwhelming mountain it seems from afar. Especially if you work with experts in the field, like Anindote, who can guide you through the entire process


What does it mean for your business?

Businesses from all industries are leaping into the idea of mobile apps, as of late. With 80% of the population owning smartphones, it’s hard to ignore its potential purchasing power and diversifying a business’ reach.

That’s 6.37 billion users you can tap into. Yes, that’s a B — over 6 billion people.

To be explicitly specific, here are some points you gain when you harness mobile apps:

  • Wider audience with better accessibility

  • Increase in brand visibility

  • Improve sales opportunities

  • Opens growth opportunities

  • Smoother backend processing/ data management


How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business

Marketing Booster

Competition is vicious in every facet of the business industry and every little bit you can use to boost your brand’s marketing strategies can be the advantage you need versus other competitors.

Mobile apps can boost you as a significant market player by contributing to brand visibility and increased interaction through mobile mediums. Real-time customer service tops the cherry to make your business a consumer-pleaser and ensures better conversion as well for interested peekers still checking you out.

And while old school methods still work their magic, tapping into digital options can open doors for better features suited for the current audience.

Push notifications is one such feature with the ability to keep your brand top of mind with every ping. You can keep connected with your customers directly and instantly about new launches, products, and promos to keep relevant with customers.


Amplified Visibility

Being one of the app icons on someone’s phone is another marketing move to keep reminding people you exist. Moreover, mobile apps widen your exposure from those within physical range to a global scale and at par with (and possibly exceed) competition.

With every menu scroll, you play on the subconscious’ ability to imprint images (through icons and logos) that keep you at the back of consumers’ minds which comes in handy when your brand pops up just when the need arises.

The more available your brand is, the better your chances are at converting idle consumers into active customers. Get them to interact with your brand more with mobile app features that you can set up with your developers.

Amplified visibility also encourages new blood to test the waters. Showing people that you are within reach and always available for whatever they need assuages any lingering reservations they might have.

Create eye-catching icons for your brand for better retention. Fortunately, most mobile app developers can contribute to designing icons that match your brand’s identity as well as striking icons that target high retention of users.


Better Accessibility

With mobile apps making your brand within a finger’s reach, you’re presenting your products and services on a silver platter making it harder to resist.

When you’re on every relevant platform and make your presence more apparent, the chances of translating passive audiences into clients are much higher — simply because you made it easier for them to make the purchase.

Therefore, the intent is to take the sale right to where the people are making it more irresistible. App features like one-click purchases are one of the ways to make the buying process less tedious. Not having to keep typing in their credit card info for every purchase ensures a quick sale with very little effort on the buyer’s side.


Revenue Top Up

Another plus to having a mobile app for your brand is an opportunity to tap a new vein for revenue. As an added lure for your consumers, mobile access unlocks the potential for additional purchases, premium services that can also be monetized, and a more accessible avenue to upsell more products/services.

Marketing in-app purchases or paid apps as exclusive features can create a novelty that can increase your sales and subscriptions. Want to be the first to see the upcoming releases? Check the app out!

About to check out $100 worth on your cart? Why not make it $150 and get a coupon or better yet – a rebate! exclusive to app users. Rewarding through the use of your app can upsell and get you more sales with exclusive promos and deals.

Another revenue window apps provide is a channel for your consumers to check out real-life feedback from real-life people that vouches for the quality and excellence of your brand. On the consumer’s scale, word of mouth weighs heavier than ad puffs, after all.


Real-Time Customer Service & Support

As a consumer myself, I can confidently say that excellent customer service is my make-or-break factor when deciding where to take my business. And apparently so does 96% of other customers, according to Forbes.

In these times where everything comes instantly, offering real-time responses to customer concerns feeds the consumers’ expectations and demands for immediacy. Through app features like helpdesks and instant messaging, you can create instant resolutions to issues people might have.

The best part is that technology has made this even easier for businesses by automating responses. So you can preset replies to FAQs or have a completely automated scheduling process through the mobile app.


Intimate Customer Engagement

According to the same Forbes article, the top reason why consumers switch brands is that they feel unappreciated. Human connection should then be factored into the equation.

Mobile apps create a more intimate experience by bringing your brand closer to your market. It also makes your brand more present with constant and personalized (with the help of data analysis) push notifications giving your consumers a tailor-made experience that’s bound to make them feel special.

Comparatively more engaging than websites, having apps on-hand wherever and whenever gives people more opportunities to engage during their downtimes, like when they’re waiting at the bus stop or waiting in line at the coffee shop.

You also give them an opportunity to give instant feedback or suggestions that you can consider on your next marketing strategy meeting. Essentially giving you free insider info on what your customers want.

Having a chat feature on your mobile app will leave an impression on customers that the brand is embracing each and every customer with care and serious consideration building better relationships that lead to stronger customer loyalty.


Contend with Competition

Competition is hot for the most functional and hippest mobile apps. And contrary to what most people think, small to mid-range scale businesses are also in the running as more and more people rely on their mobile phones to accomplish the most menial of tasks.

With the number of app downloads growing every year, businesses are scurrying to get their brands in the spotlight by serving the consumers what they want — a user-friendly, one-stop portal for all their needs.

The next logical course of action is to dip into the world of mobile app development. But what makes a mobile app great? Here are some key notes you might want to write down:

  • Well-thought UI

  • Think simple. Uncomplicate your user interface to make it easy even for new users to navigate through. A minimalist design sprinkled with a bit of brand personality is always a winning combo. Partnered with useful tools, you can’t go wrong.

  • Smooth UX

  • An engaging but logical flow and ensuring there aren’t bugs interfering with the app is the goal of a high-quality User Experience. Doing your homework and researching what your users like and what can be scrapped is a good way to make the experience a good one.

  • Secure

  • Customers will be entrusting you with their personal info, most especially their credit card details. Which means it’s your responsibility to secure it from fraudulent entities that might want to take advantage of it.

  • Helpdesk or chat feature

  • For queries and concerns, instant messaging is a helpful tool to have on your mobile app.

Take the next step and take advantage of the offerings in the advent of intuitive technology to get ahead of the competition!


Get on Top of Mobile Analytics

Guesswork has very little space in entrepreneurship. Every mistake and misstep can cost business owners a substantial amount of money. For that reason, it’s necessary to get detailed planning and strategizing.

Research work for how your brand can add value to your consumers is tedious and extensive because the more intricate and wide the information is, the better you can prepare for it.

Data for analysis can be gathered through different channels. Surveys, polls, and questionnaires are the conventional ways to get a peek at your consumers’ minds.

It can tell you: Which style is better? What products are better? Which service is most needed? You get an idea of what works and what needs adjusting.

Then there are more advanced means which is through mobile analysis systems that register interactions and activities which are collected through websites and mobile apps. Having customers complete transactions or merely engaging with brands through mobile apps can equip you with vital info to anticipate how you can approach the market more efficiently.

Which item gets more attention? What might this particular buyer want to buy next?

With these key details on trends and behavioral patterns, you can strategize more effective marketing campaigns, like what to put on the push notifications and which promos can get you better traction.

Not only does using data gathered with mobile analytics increase your conversions, but planning based on data analysis also saves the company a lot of time, energy, and manpower. All thanks to users’ engagement on mobile apps.


What’s Next?

With fierce competition in the entrepreneurial world, businesses are always kept on their toes to quickly evolve. Inaction can put you at the end of the barrel. The foundation of stability, though, is the entrepreneur’s welcoming attitude to the changes that will inevitably keep coming.

Despite the overwhelming contest of the most interesting ideas, unlocking your brand’s potential starts with making headway and being creative with your strategies.

While the world embraces the era of tech-reliant people, now is the time to seriously look into the mobile approach to your enterprise.

You can either: use pre-made mobile app builders to get you started OR delegate the task to the pros who can elevate your brand with a more personalized mobile app setup.

Looking to take the next step for your business with a mobile app? Our team is ready for the challenge!