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What we do

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We aim to be your #1 partner in creating breakthroughs for your passion projects and businesses.

We design, create, and help you manage everything from websites to mobile apps, and even to your content marketing campaigns, making sure that we get the right eyes on your project at all times. We work with you to create the best browsing and buying experience for your customers 24/7.

Our Services

Website & Mobile Application Development

Turn storytelling into conversion with innovative websites and apps for your brands and projects. Every button and every feature of your website will have a purpose: to convert audiences to customers, and customers to brand advocates.

responsive deisgn and development

Responsive design
& development

Get sleek, user-friendly design throughout all platforms for your apps and websites. With beautiful design and responsive user interface, you get a loyal audience of brand promoters and advocates.

content management system

Content Management
System (CMS)

No more waiting on front-end engineers to make changes to your website! With the right CMS, you and your team can publish content safely and securely from all over the world.

wireframes and prototype

Wireframes &

Get a look at all the inner workings of your website: from structure, architecture, and how each feature on your website lends itself to your bottom line.

User Experience & Graphic Design

Your audience gets the ultimate user experience on your website and mobile apps. They’ll come back for your products and your content with streamlined processes, a genius interface, and incredible graphics.

user profiles

User Profiles

Using data-driven research, we’ll customize your websites and apps according to your ideal customers’ demographics, browsing and buying behavior, and other factors useful to the design of your site.

logo design

Logo Design

Make a strong first impression, be noticeable, and separate yourself from the rest of the competition with your very own distinctive logo.



Be recognized, generate new customers, and make everyone take notice of your business with show-stopping aesthetics.

Marketing Copy & Content

Your audience gets the ultimate user experience on your website and mobile apps. They’ll come back for your products and your content with streamlined processes, a genius interface, and incredible graphics.



From email marketing to social network engagement, copy drives conversions. Tell a story. Talk with your audience one-on-one. And connect with your audience across all platforms. Get into the minds of your ideal audience and make them the star of the show!

contetn marketing

Content Marketing

With authoritative, informative, and exciting content, you build trust with your customers. All while telling your brand story in fresh, inventive ways. Boring content? Never again!

Our process

Here’s what working with us will look like:


We get to know you and your brand, and how we can best get you some sweet, sweet engagement


Our team developers, designers, and marketers put their heads together to make a world-class product. Lots of coffee involved in this step.


After planning, our designers do what they do best. You get to see your website’s wireframe and prototype, so you can see what your website looks like before it hits the internet.


Here we beef up your website with great content. Things are starting to come together!


Our tech team writes up code and makes sure your website is moving – and looking – the way it’s supposed to be.


Everything is set for the stage. Now we test and make sure everything works and load times are low.


Happy Birthday, website! You get to see the fruits of your labor, and publish your website for the whole internet to see.


And after all the work is done, we’ll still be here to provide 24/7 support. No outages while we’re on the job!

What clients say

We're very happy to have worked with Farrah, Mel and the whole team of Anindote. They were very patient and understanding with us and our needs. They were able to create our website having our branding and vision in mind. Highly recommend working with them!


Casa Verde

Such a fantastic team! Thank you so much for a job well done.


Bearded Woodsmith

Mark has been so helpful. And his team is just amazing. Keep up the great work!


Interior Designer

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